Our raison d’être is linked to an active role in society and the wish to make a positive change to our environment.

Being socially responsible in a company is a decision involving judgment and awareness to act in favour of a fairer society and a less vulnerable ecology. For C3 Perucorp this is a culture that is practiced. This is why we maintain a solid position regarding the application of social responsibility to the management process, giving priority to this shared value in the company’s strategy and planning.

We share this philosophy with our customers, suppliers and collaborators and we are involved in different projects in that area for the benefit of society. Moving forwards responsibly is our commitment.


A social venture devoted to children and young people in Peru, which seeks to empower them through matching with an adult mentor so that, through sessions of coaching, they might build their self-esteem, enhance their skills and develop their sense of possibility.


1. Christmas collection of used toys in the Brinca Naranja stores.

2. The charitable toy: the stores will offer particular toys where a percentage of the sale price is destined for Yunta.

3. The stores have saving boxes for donations.

4. Distribution of Yunta forms so customers can make individual or regular donations through Yunta bank accounts, thus collaborating with the work.


C3perucorp in agreement with Enseña Peru – a percentage of the sale through the Company’s Corporate channel will go to Enseña Peru.

Enseña Peru is a non-profit association that believes in the power of education and trusts the potential of all Peruvians. Our vision is to ensure that by 2032, at least 8 out of 10 children and young people receive an education of excellence. We promote a movement of agents of change that, through collective leadership, transforms the education of the country.