Learning is where we play

We’re the toy cash registers that help kids learn to count, the alphabet puzzle blocks that inspire a love of reading, and the coding robots that schools use to prepare students for tomorrow. We are Learning Resources®—and our mission is to help kids love to learn. For over 30 years we’ve been the leader in educational toys, with more than 1,000 items sold in over 80 countries. Our toys are designed to help children build educational skills… and get ready to take on the world!


At Learning Resources, we recognize the importance of being a charitable corporate citizen and, to that end, regularly donate to national and local charities that serve our core audiences – children, parents, and teachers. Past charitable donations have helped national organizations including United Way, Play Your Part/The Toy Foundation, Donors Choose and Toys for Tots. Through these charities, our donations are able to reach the greatest number of children and teachers in need.


Coding is often referred to as “the literacy of the 21st century,” and our screen-free coding toys introduce kids to this vital skill without the need for a computer or tablet. From sequential logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving, kids learn fundamental coding and STEM skills every time they play. Discover our collection of award-winning coding toys, including the 2019 Innovative Toy of the Year, Botley the Coding Robot, and Coding Critters, recognized by parenting media as one of the hottest toys of 2019.


From building fine motor skills to introducing colors, shapes and numbers, our hands-on toys help toddlers and preschoolers get ready for life in the great big world. Whether they’re building coordination with our Parents’ Choice Award winner, Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog, or exploring letters, shapes, and numbers with Snap-n-Learn sets, kids have fun while they sort, stack, count, and match their way to new skills.


Learning Resources has imaginative and pretend play toys for children of all ages to help nurture your child’s creative, social, and language skills. Set up shop with our Learning Cash Register, preview classroom life with our Pretend & Play School Set, or host a fantastic feast with our best-selling play food collections – no matter where your kids’ imagination takes them, we’ve got them covered.


Kids love to build, and Learning Resources has the innovative building sets that help them hone their STEM skills with every new design. Craft creations that twist, turn, and move with our classic Gears! Gears! Gears! sets, explore the mix-and-match possibilities of 1-2-3 Build It!, or solve STEM challenges with our Engineering & Design Building Sets. While they work, your kids will build critical thinking, problem solving, and early engineering skills with every new creation.


Science, technology, engineering, and math – Learning Resources has the toys and activities that inspire a love of STEM in kids of all ages! From the best-selling MathLink Cubes to innovative coding robots to hands-on STEM Challenges, our award-winning STEM portfolio brings skill-building to playtime. More than 50 of our STEM products have earned the STEM Approved TrustmarkTM in partnership with, the foremost STEM credentialing organization.


Our company was founded to help teachers thrive, and we continue that mission today! Learning Resources supports teachers with innovative hands-on educational materials, teacher resources and supplies, and classroom décor that spark curiosity and joy in every student. Whether we’re turning math class into a game or bringing order to cluttered art spaces, we make learning fun in the classroom!


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  • NAPPA Winner 2019
  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award 2019
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  • Teachers’ Choice Gold Award 2019